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Welcome to Unique Running. Feel free to kick back in front of the metaphorical fire and have a browse around the place.

It’s an interesting place to be, with a general vibe of fitness and healthy living, and a pretty big focus on running based pursuits! We are steadily branching out and looking at ways to become more environmentally conscious and how this can be correlative with a happier and more active way of life.

Some of the articles here are just my own contemplations, displayed for the world to see. I find that a combination of personal lifestyle and qualifications in areas of fitness, health, science and environment form a useful basis for an opinion on matters that interest me. Articles are not gospel, but provide evidence-backed data from my own personal experiences. I hope you can take something from them to help you in your own quest.

The latest effort is the AtTheRaces book, which unsurprisingly can be found on the AtTheRaces Book page. It’s designed to encourage people to try races all over Britain, based on individual runner’s race reports. It’s something that I felt was lacking as a runners resource, and also gives a window for running clubs to advertise themselves. I took it upon myself to bring them together, though of course most of the work is done by individual writers. AtTheRaces has some great tales of running races, encouraging reactions like ‘how did she manage that feat of endurance??‘ to ‘Jeez, I’m glad I’m not that guy!‘ while giving tips on fun, rewarding races to tackle around the country.