You Were Once A Sperm

You were once a sperm. That’s right. You were. Well, at least partly. I hope no biologists are reading this.

Think back to your school biology class. While you were busy giggling at the back throwing surreptitious glances at the prettiest boy/girl in the room, you were actually being taught valuable life lessons about how you had beaten the odds to arrive on this earth.

Your daddy had assembled his strength for the evening, maybe had a glass of wine or two to help him on his way, and in doing so managed to use his interpersonal skills, body language, facial expressions and a host of other factors, bringing them all together to engage in the act of coital relations. In said act, he had released an army of little soldiers….one of which was you. The one difference in this army, is that no one was on the same side. It was in fact – rather appropriately for this website – more of a race. A race in which you received first prize.

Think about that process for a minute. Not too long though, for some things are not meant to be dwelled upon. The odds of you being the one to be successful – out of millions – were miniscule. Yet you did.

It was quite the challenge, and the first example of you testing yourself. You had not done any training (though your father may have). The lesson here is one of Unique Running’s 5 Pillars of Fitness – Test Yourself.

Following the monumental event of sperm ingress, every other event within the womb went according to plan enough for you to be born. Since then, you have learned to breathe, to eat, to crawl, to stand, to walk, to run. Maybe you have learned to run far. Or fast. All of these actions were you breaking new ground, and overcoming adversity. With each and every improvement, your world view has become wider and you have learned deep lessons about yourself. And what you previously thought were your limits are no longer your limits.

In youth, we are wide-eyed, ready to tackle the world, open to every and all future possibilities. There is no fear. We attend university, we move cities, get new jobs, meet new people. All ways of growing, expanding our boundaries, and developing into fully blown adults with a broad world view. As we grow older, it seems that the world begins to instil The Fear in us. Maybe it is the constant exposure to negative news which makes the world seem like an inherently dangerous place, that you should thank your lucky stars that you made it through the day without some kind of disaster befalling you. Some call CNN ‘the Crisis News Network’. The media coverage is designed to be negative, as humans are hardwired to pay more attention to negative news, and therefore keep you watching (

Maybe it is the pervading safety culture that we live in every day that grinds down our lust for adventure, encourages us to spend money on insurance and other intangibles that we will only ever see benefit from in a bad situation. Contents insurance. Car insurance. Home Insurance. Life insurance. All shitty things. Or maybe it is The Fear of losing great things. Maybe it is getting married, or having children, and having people depend on us, that makes us consider whether it is worthwhile doing anything that is not within our comfort zone. Of course, if something is out of our comfort zone, it implies there is a level of danger involved, as is the case for all unknown scenarios. No one wants to be uncomfortable, right?

Maybe The Fear is closely linked to The Things of Materialism. The Things we have, objects of desire that, once obtained, are no longer quite as desirable. Because capitalist society implies The Things are what we should strive for, not experiences, nor happiness. Especially when you have a job, and a job means you don’t need to wait for The Things, now you can get The Things on credit, and getting The Things on credit means you are now in debt, and so you cannot afford to lose the job, or you will not be able to afford the repayments, and The Things will be taken away. Oh the fear! The Fear!

Do not let The Fear dictate your life and overwhelm you with insecurities. People often refer to their time at school, or university, or starting their careers, as the best times of their lives. It is suggested it is due to a lack of responsibility and an increase in freedom. I believe only half of this is true. We do not want lack of responsibility, this is not a feature found in the majority of primates species, which tend to live in extended family groups, where the main responsibility is to care for the children and the elders. The increase in freedom is what we want and the freedom to make choices. Freedom allows us to explore our capabilities without fear of failure. Do not let the world and your insecurities stop you from stepping up and facing challenges.

You can do it. Remember you were once a sperm. In comparison to that, the odds are massively in your favour.