Abi Pfaff


1 mile: 6:43

5k: 22:34

10k: 23:05

10mile: 48:00

HM: 1:55:00

M: 5:16:29

What year and what age did you complete your first event?

2013, age 26

How did it go?

Very well, I was very pleased to have completed my first 5k and running all the way.

How many miles a week are you running on average?

25 miles

What does your current training regime look like?

Two runs midweek, parkrun and a long run.

Any tips for fitting it in with family life?

Hopefully share the love for running with friends and family so they understand why you spend so long doing it. Or if running isn’t for them get them along to an event to see why it’s important to you (parkrun is a good one).

What technology do you use?

Garmin forerunner 110 and uploading to Strava

Preferred footwear?

Brooks Launch 2 but can’t find a new pair anywhere.

What was your favourite event and why?

That is a tough one. Trail runs in new places are always great for not knowing what will be coming up and seeing some beautiful places. I very much enjoyed the East Antrim trail series in N Ireland as were in lovely forests and were short and sweet.

What are your future aims?

Keep running and enjoying it. A second marathon, reaching double figures for number of half marathons and improving as much as possible.

What will it take to get there?

Finding some hills, intervals and overall strengthening.

Any advice to newbie runners?

Keep at it. Sometimes it feels like a lot of effort just to complete your run but it all makes a difference and there is such a sense of achievement when reaching your goals. All the hard work pays off.

Any advice to front of pack runners?

Never been there so all I can say is stick around and cheer on those not quite as fast!