Rhys Davies



5k: 18:28

10k: 40:06

10mile: 1:02:00

HM: 1:31

M: 3:48

50k: 5:02

100k: 20:48

What year and what age did you complete your first event? 

2009, aged 26 

How did it go? 

It was the 10km Bridge to Brisbane event. I was coaxed into it by my partner (now wife) and was a little daunted having never run 10km before!  I finished so was quite pleased with that. 

It was, however, another 2 years before I considered myself a ‘runner’.

 How many miles a week are you running on average? 

Aim for 30-40km, and up to 50km when long event are looming. 

What does your current training regime look like? 

Completely erratic. Working a roster and returning home to two young kids means I sneak my runs whenever I can. Usually I can get a long run in every other Sunday. One thing I am consistent with is Trail running. I’m not really a road runner.  

Any tips for fitting it in with family life? 

Get a running stroller! Try to incorporate Parkruns with the family. Don’t feel guilty about hitting the trails alone and getting some of your own headspace. That is healthy too!  

What technology do you use? 

Garmin Forerunner 910XT and Strava 

Preferred footwear? 

I mix Merrell Trail Gloves and New Balance 870 about 50/50. Generally, I use trail gloves for runs of less than 25km.  

What was your favourite event and why? 

Difficult. Every event is so different and each has a unique set of challenges and each a unique set of memories and stories. 

Generally, my rule is never to run the same event twice – I like to diversify. My one exception to the rule is the Mount Glorious trail race (http://www.traq.org.au/articles/events/glorious) in Southwest Queensland, Australia. It’s a 22km trail run with about 1200m vertical ascent overall. I try to get to this event every year. 

What are your future aims? 

My main aim, and major bucket list item, is to complete a Marathon on every continent.

I’ve also signed up for a Solo 100km race (Surf Coast Century) in September, ultimately I’d love to do the Eiger 101 ultra event. I also have some time-based aims:

Sub-18 5km

Sub-40 10km

Sub-1:30 HM

Sub-3:30 M

Sub-5 50K

Sub-15 100k

But mostly it’s about running in beautiful places.

 What will it take to get there? 

The time-based challenges are only incremental improvements so I think these will benefit from a more focused training.

The bigger targets will be achieved through considerable negotiation with my wife 🙂

Any advice to newbie runners? 

I recommend trying trail running for two reasons……1) less repetitive motion and force through the body, the uneven ground and undulating terrain will make you a more nimble and stronger runner all round; 2) the natural beauty and variety is good for the soul (or should I say sole – b’Dum tish).

I have some trail running friends and have watched them improve (in both speed and endurance) extremely rapidly simply through time on feet. Stick at it and improvements will come.

 Any advice to front of pack runners? 

Wait for me!!!!